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I was 22st 3lb when I joined Weight Watches in 2012 and lost 6 stone. I turned to hypnotherapy when I was 16st 10lb because I had hit a stumbling block and although I had lost 6 stone I still had confidence issues. I lost a further 2.5st combining hypnotherapy which gave me the motivation to help overcome my greediness, curbed my edge for eating sweet, chocolate, sugary foods. Tia and I also worked on my confidence issues and as a result I feel much more confident around people and new situations. Having had positive results I would recommend Tia at Sheffield Hypnosis, she made me feel comfortable and at                   ease from the beginning of my sessions.

I went to Sheffield Hypnosis with my 'fear of dogs' which has had an impact on my everyday life. I decided to go to hypnotherapy as I will be going to University in a city without family and friends to ‘protect’ me from dogs. Therapy has had a positive impact on me, by using the techniques I learnt at therapy to deal with the situation. I would highly recommend Tia, she listened carefully and planned my therapy around my personal needs and what works best for me; a trustworthy person who was with me every step of the way. Thank you Tia for everything and helping me get through my fear of dogs.


Megan, 17, Sheffield

(dog phobia)

Mr. Paul Dryhurst, 56, Sheffield (weight management)

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tia. I was a little sceptical at first, and obviously hypnotherapy might not work for everyone, but it really helped me after just a couple of sessions.
Hypnotherapy has helped me to regain a sense of control over my eating habits.

        Before my sessions with Tia, I was suffering sports confidence issues. After a few hypnotherapy sessions and using the techniques she has taught me, I am now performing to my full potential and growing in confidence each time i compete. Tia
made me feel at ease and so positive.

W. Young,


(Sports Confidence)

Mr CB, 32,  (Weight Management)

I was down and out of my luck with a huge gambling problem spending all my months wage betting. I thought I could deal with this habit on my own, until I spent my whole wages and asked my family to pay my bills. My mother was heartbroken and searched for a solution and found Sheffield Hypnosis. The first session was talking therapy which encouraged me to open up for the cause of the addiction which helped Tia to find a way of breaking this habit. After the last session I was pleased with myself. There was a change in my appearance, I was more happier and not locked in that trapped cage.
I would like just like to thank Tia for the work she has done, I am not lost anymore.
I have found myself again.

I attended hypnotherapy with Tia as I have always struggled with trying new foods and eating healthier. I arrived at my first session quite nervous but Tia was quick to make me feel very welcome and relaxed. I only attended 3 sessions as they worked amazingly for me. Within the first week I had tried more foods than I could ever remember in my past. I am now eating plenty more foods, even though I cannot eat what I class as my worst veg I am able to eat a whole range of meals now.

I would highly recommend Tia as to

me I had very effective positive results.

Miss HR, 21, Sheffield

(selective eating disorder)

Male, 30, Sheffield (Gambling Addiction)

At first i was quite sceptical hypnosis could change how i viewed myself but after only a few sessions with Tia, I really felt a surge in my self-esteem and self worth.
I only wish i could have done some more sessions!

        Tia changed my life. After one session with her i haven't had a cigarette since. I was a smoker for forty six years and never really believed that i would ever be a non smoker. Thank you Tia.

Mrs JT, 61,

(Stop Smoking)

NK, Student,  (Confidence)

I chose to try hypnotherapy to help with my confidence mainly for my driving lessons but also for everyday meeting new people and socialising more at work. I found reassurance during hypnotherapy. I always had this fear I was never good enough no matter how much I tried or wanted to succeed. I now feel much more confident  and happier. I use the breathing techniques Tia showed me whenever I feel anxious or nervous and it calms me down and helps     me to relax in uncomfortable situations.        I'd recommend giving hypnotherapy a go.

After being diagnosed with OCD in   2004 I have tried many treatments, the only one which proved successful was Hypnotherapy. I contacted Tia in 2013 after a relapse and concerns about the strain my current circumstances were having on my marriage and family life. Tia was very welcoming and made me feel completely at ease. Tia’s approach is effective and I certainly left each session feeling much more positive and energised. There was no pressure and I was able to progress at my own speed. If anyone is considering hypnotherapy, I would definitely advise    them to give it a go and would            certainly recommend Sheffield Hypnosis.

Mrs KT, 32,

Rotherham (relationship)

Miss KD, 23, Sheffield (confidence)

        Just to let you know how fantastic hypnotherapy is with Tia at Sheffield Hypnosis. I have reached my target weight with no biscuits, cakes, sweets or sugary drinks.
I have never felt so healthy and I am going on holiday with my daughter and godson,
I am so happy.

        I came to Tia after suddenly developing a fear of driving and going out alone. My confidence had become non existent and Tia helped bring that back. She gave me very useful exercises to do when in stressful situations. I didn't know where to turn before i started seeing Tia and now I'm getting back into driving and going out alone.

C. Reid, Sheffield

(Weight Management)

LH, Sheffield


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